FIDELIA LAM 林安慈 is a Canadian media artist experimenting across mediums to synthesize theoretical research with creative practice, offering micropolitical provocations for embodied reflection. Her work examines and articulates racialized affective spaces and the politics of relationality within these sites.
Working primarily with code, projection mapping, sound, and video, she creates multimedia entanglements that manifest in recursive, recombinant, and rhizomatic forms. Her emphasis on process and collaboration with digital and computational tools allows for serendipitous collisions and alignments to emerge, continuously shifting the nuances of how her work unfolds and is encountered. 
Lam has exhibited, presented, and performed work across the U.S. and Canada, Asia, and Europe. She is currently an Annenberg Fellow, a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Fellow, and PhD candidate in Media Arts and Practice at the University of Southern California.
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