FIDELIA LAM // 林安慈 is a new media artist, researcher, and facilitator. Their current research praxis teases the tensions within contemporary techno-cultural and aesthetic imaginaries and practices of digital technologies as they are undergirded by histories + logics of gendered and racialized capital, spectacle, capture, display, and labor within North America and across the transpacific, with particular relation to Hong Kong.
Trained as a musician and performer, their practice involves deep listening and embodied attention to their situated environments and geographies. They cultivate performative systems and processes that diffract into multimodal expressions and forms, often attending to the intimate, messy, and overlooked sites encountered at the uncertain edges of objects and language. The resulting works — intertextual and recursive compositions of code, light, sound, bodies, writing, and critical inquiry — are critical questionings of our everyday relationships to technology and each other that seek to reveal and resist current neoliberal demands of production and display while acting as inflection points towards more hospitable collective futures.
Their work has been exhibited and presented at Human Resources Los Angeles, Geidai Games Online at Tokyo University of the Arts, Architecture, Media, Politics, Society (London), TongLau Space (Hong Kong), American Studies Association (Montreal), ISEA (Barcelona), Arts for the Society of the Present (Los Angeles), Flow 34 @ International Association for Media and Communication Research (Nairobi), among other venues. They hold a PhD in Cinematic Arts, Media Arts + Practice from the University of Southern California, an MA in Media Arts from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, and are currently Assistant Professor, Critical Computational Media in the department of Digital Futures at OCAD University in Tkaronto, Canada.

(updated Feb 2024)
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